Lisa Jack – Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

Fertility FridayLisa Jack is a Fertility Awareness Educator who has been charting her own menstrual cycles using the Fertility Awareness Method for the past 15 years. She is passionate about helping women to develop body literacy, by understanding their natural cycles.

Lisa is also the founder of and the Fertility Friday Podcast – a weekly radio show that she created to connect women with a deeper understanding of how fertility and overall health are connected and intertwined with menstrual cycle health. Each week she conducts in depth interviews with professionals who specialize in helping women to restore their fertility naturally.

In this episode, Lisa:

  • Talks about how she discovered the Fertility Awareness Method and has used it, successfully, for 15 years.
  • Describes what the Fertility Awareness Method is and for what purposes it can be used.
  • Explains what information may be included in a menstrual cycle chart.
  • Discusses what an ideal menstrual cycle may look like and how it might vary.
  • Shares the valuable health information you can gain from closely monitoring your cycle.
  • Talks about some of the cultural issues surrounding menstruation.
  • Gives us a look at the Fertility Awareness Education she offers on an individual basis.
  • Tells us about her free e-book that is helping women who may have challenges with their cycles after stopping birth control pills.
  • Parting piece of wisdom: The Fertility Awareness Method may not be for everyone as a method of birth control, but the knowledge surrounding your menstrual cycle IS for everyone.

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