Essential Oils and Fertility – Stephanie Risinger

August 15, 2017

Stephanie Risinger is a Fertility & Emotions Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, host of the Holistic Fertility and Wellness podcast, and a Holistic Wellness Advocate. After a 9 year fertility journey, Stephanie now has a beautiful baby girl.  She shares her story as often as possible, as well as all the things she found […]

Reproductive Endocrinologist Takes a Holistic Approach – Dr. Joseph B. Davis

DR. JOSEPH B. DAVIS DO, FACOG is Board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and also reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He specializes in providing medical and surgical treatment for infertility. As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Davis addresses family building with a holistic approach incorporating wellness, nutrition, and patient-centered individualized care. He is a member of several […]

Sensuality, Pleasure, and Fertility – Sarah Louisignau

Sarah Louisignau is the Transformation Doula. She has committed to exploring what is below the surface, and through a career as a Transformative Bodyworker, Women’s Sensuality and Fertility Coach, and Birth Professional, she has culminated over 1,000 hours and a decade of study –  uncovering truth in the human relationship with self and other. She […]

Keeping a Fertility Journal – Nicola Salmon

Nicola Salmon is a fertility coach, acupuncturist & naturopath. She supports women on their their baby-making journey naturally and with a big emphasis on loving themselves right now without judgement or guilt.   On this episode, Nicola: Tells the story of how she came up with her adorable business name; Hedgehog Healing. Shares her personal […]

Why Join a Support Group? – Nicolle Hays

April 18, 2017

Nicolle Hays is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Vice President of Kansas City Infertility Awareness.  After experiencing infertility herself, adopting a son, and going on to have another son naturally, Nicolle now leads the KCIA infertility support group, which meets monthly and provides a safe space for women and men to share and support […]

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