Sensuality, Pleasure, and Fertility – Sarah Louisignau

Sarah Louisignau is the Transformation Doula. She has committed to exploring what is below the surface, and through a career as a Transformative Bodyworker, Women’s Sensuality and Fertility Coach, and Birth Professional, she has culminated over 1,000 hours and a decade of study –  uncovering truth in the human relationship with self and other. She works with individuals and couples in deep-dive bodywork and coaching alliances.



On this episode, Sarah:

  • Shares the story of how she came to her current career.
  • Explains why she thinks “infertility” is a symptom rather than a disease state.
  • Talks about how many of us have closed the door to experiencing pleasure.
  • Discusses the difference between sexuality and sensuality.
  • Gives suggestions for where to begin when reopening yourself to pleasure.
  • Offers a free discovery call for anyone who may be interested in working with her.
  • Parting wisdom: “Your body is not wrong for desiring.”

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