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April 25, 2016

Ruth Headshot 1Ruth McKenna is living proof that it’s possible to thrive on the journey of fertility investigations and treatment, without losing your mind or your partner. An experienced nutritional therapist and yoga teacher, Ruth had to dig deep into her own resources when she was faced with personal fertility challenges.

Ruth couldn’t find the right support online, so she built it herself. She was looking for a program that could help her on her journey. She wanted a focused plan to help optimize her fertility with great food. As she found her way through this new terrain, she wanted her relationships to be healthy and empowering. Ruth wasn’t willing to accept the fear and lack of control that seemed to be an accepted part of this journey. She wanted to THRIVE.

From this experience, The Fertility Companion was born. Drawing on her expertise and personal experience of fertility treatment, this 6 week online program is designed to help you thrive on your personal fertility journey. It brings together evidence based nutritional protocols to support fertility, cutting edge mindfulness techniques to manage stress and anxiety and simple strategies for stress-free nourishing communication.

As far as Ruth is concerned, you may not be able to control the circumstances of your life, or your fertility journey, but you can certainly choose to thrive.


In this episode, Ruth:

  • Shares her fertility journey and how she came to develop The Fertility Companion.
  • Explains the suggestions in her Sanity Guide to Fertility Treatment.
    • Choose your friends wisely.
    • Find a professional counselor. (along with details about how to find the right counselor for you)
    • Sleep well and reduce stress.
    • Move your body.
    • Connect with nature.
    • Practice gratitude.
    • Eat nourishing food.
    • Yoga – examples of stress reducing poses.
  • Describes the free Fertility Time-Out.
  • Describes her 6 week program – The Fertility Companion
  • Parting piece of wisdom: It’s not an act of selfishness to look after yourself first. If you are nourished, rested and supported, you have the resources within you to create.

Connect with Ruth McKenna:

Instagram: The Fertility Companion

Twitter: @fertilityruth



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