Why Join a Support Group? – Nicolle Hays

April 18, 2017

Nicolle Hays is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Vice President of Kansas City Infertility Awareness.  After experiencing infertility herself, adopting a son, and going on to have another son naturally, Nicolle now leads the KCIA infertility support group, which meets monthly and provides a safe space for women and men to share and support one another.


On this episode, Nicolle:

  • Talks about how KCIA started and what it is.
  • Shares her personal fertility story.
  • Tells us what it’s been like for her to lead the KCIA support group.
  • Describes how she has seen others benefit from the group, including sharing some truly inspiring stories.
  • Talks about an upcoming FREE conference April 29, 2017 (click here for more info)

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