Faith and Loss with Lauren Bourne (replay)

October 24, 2017

Lauren Bourne is the Founder of I Am Fruitful, a non-profit that supports couples struggling with infertility, miscarriage, and infant loss. She and her husband, Billy, are passionate about encouraging couples in a small group setting.  Lauren is the author of Lay It Down: 14 Days of Prayer Through the Two Week Wait and also the (soon to be released) adult coloring book Joy Comes in the Morning: Coloring Through Infant Loss and Miscarriage. She has been blessed with two miracle babies.

In this episode, Lauren:

  • Shares her personal story of trying to conceive and experiencing 3 miscarriages.
  • Talks about the importance of allowing oneself to grieve the loss.
  • Points out that everyone grieves differently.
  • Discusses how her losses challenged her faith.
  • Gives suggestions about how friends and family can support someone who has experienced a pregnancy or infant loss.
  • Tells about what she is doing now to support women and couples through fertility challenges.
  • Parting piece of wisdom: Spend time in God’s presence and stop calling yourself infertile.  Begin to speak life over yourself.

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