Egg Donation and Thinking Outside the Box – Rachel Campbell

March 21, 2017

Rachel Campbell dances in life to the tune that Anything Can Be.

She is passionate about supporting women to shine with confidence and grace, as they ride the ups and downs of the fertility roller coaster. As a certified coach and fertility mentor Rachel inspires her clients to reach for the stars and really live life on their fertile journey. She offers 1:1 mentoring sessions as well as online programs for groups. Rachel’s dream is to help women feel more understood, nurtured, connected and inspired on their journey to motherhood.

On this episode, Rachel:

  • Talks about how she became a fertility coach, even before having children of her own.
  • Shares her touching story of infertility, IVF, and finally, egg donation through her sister, which resulted in a healthy, full-term pregnancy.
  • Discusses the challenges and growth opportunities throughout her 6 year journey.
  • Tells us of her new fertility cookbook.
  • Parting piece of wisdom: “Don’t give up on your dreams.  It might not look the way you thought it would look, but it will happen.”

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Fertility Cook Book

Sprout and Co.

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