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Pelvic Floor Health – Riva Preil

Riva Preil is a leading pelvic floor physical therapist at Revitalize Physical Therapy. After graduating from Hunter College, Riva practiced at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center’s (SJRMC) outpatient department treating patients with various musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Riva’s passion for women’s health led her to create the Pelvic Floor Program at SJRMC, where she treated […]

Cultural Expectations, Hormones, and Essential Oils – Lindsey Willis

Lindsey Willis is a business coach and natural health advocate. She works with families who are totally ready for natural wellness choices. She helps them to have simple solutions at their finger tips so they can feel like magic-potion creators in their home.  Lindsey is a wife of 16 years to her husband, Mike, an injured veteran, […]

Simple Steps to Restore Hormonal Balance – Kristen Beeler

As a psychologist and women’s functional nutrition and hormonal specialist, Kristen has a passion for helping women naturally restore their digestive, endocrine, and mental health without ‘rules’ and ‘strict’ plans. Kristen guides you through getting to the bottom of underlying hormonal conditions that are interfering with your ability to start a family, connect with your […]

Lisa Jack – Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

Lisa Jack is a Fertility Awareness Educator who has been charting her own menstrual cycles using the Fertility Awareness Method for the past 15 years. She is passionate about helping women to develop body literacy, by understanding their natural cycles. Lisa is also the founder of and the Fertility Friday Podcast – a weekly […]

Alycia Kluegl – Fitness for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Beyond

Alycia Kluegl is an Exercise Physiologist, Health and Fitness Consultant and Owner of Empower Your Body Wellness. Empower Your Body offers programs, products, service,s and tools which embrace accountability and best facilitate empowerment of one’s health, life and fitness related goals. Alycia’s experience ranges from working in corporate fitness at Medifit, Novartis and Johnson & […]